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DataVault Global Tour

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About the Data Vault

The Data Vault is a data modeling approach and methodology that is specifically tuned for the Enterprise Data Warehouse and Operational BI initiatives. The Data Vault consists of three primary entity types: Hubs, Links, and Satellites. The Hubs are core business keys, the Links form all relationships, and the Satellites provide all descriptive information. Together, they form an architecture which is very durable, adaptable, scalable and well suited and well suited for high performance. As Bill Inmon has stated, "The Data Vault is the optimal choice for modeling the EDW in the DW 2.0 framework."

Dan Linstedt and Hans Hultgren have developed the Data Vault Certification course to provide you with the best and most direct learning experience. Through lectures, examples and interactive labs, learn the Data Vault modeling techniques and best practices directly from the founder.