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DataVault Global Tour

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Genesee Academy

Genesee Academy is a world leader in blended training for data warehousing, data vault and business intelligence professionals. Genesee Academy, is committed to helping business professionals develop the skills and knowledge necessary to pursue opportunities in today's fastest growing career fields.


Centennium is a Netherlands based consulting company that specializes in data warehousing, data vault, and business intelligence. Our partner of the year in 2011, Centennium has been working with us on these Data Vault certification courses for three years. Centenniuum approaches business intelligence from four perspectives: expertise, services, publications and knowledge products.


TopofMinds is a Stockholm based consulting company that specializing in data warehousing, data vault, and business intelligence. TopofMinds is the key source for Data Vault expertise in Sweden and is our partner for the Data Vault certification courses in Stockholm. TopofMinds provides advising, coaching, and expert consulting for its top tier customers.


Affecto is a Nordics based Consulting company that also coordinates training events and seminars as part of Affecto Academy. In the Nordic cities of Oslo, Denmark and Helsinki they are working with us to coordinate CDVDM seminars in these cities.